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Stop Motion Animation Video

Stop Motion Animation


It's Fun. It's Creative. It's Awesome!

Do you scroll through social media ignoring the countless sponsored posts and ads that you see on a daily basis?  So is your audience!  Stop motion helps solve this problem.  A stop motion video animation can make your audience stop and actually look at the content being put in front of them.  It’s eye catching, and best of all it’s very cost effective. 

I’ve created stop motions for businesses large and small, all with the same purpose.  Create something that their audience will actually look at and give them the opportunity to get their message across. 

Let’s talk about your project and whether a stop motion animation is right for you.


Stop Motion Animation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stop Motion?

Stop motion is a classic form of animation which involves taking a series of images and making slight changed to each one.  When those images are played in order it results in  movement.  Today the process involves taking a series of photographs and making slight changes between each photograph.  When played in a sequence the result is movement.

Why Should I Choose Stop Motion Animation?

  • Cost Effective

  • Instant Impact

  • Differentiation

  • Social Engagement

What’s Involved in Making a Stop Motion?

To make a stop motion, I take a series of photographs with changes made between each photograph.  These changes can be to an object to make it move, or even to the lighting.  The focus and story of the stop motion can involved your products, or puppets and figures.  The possibilities are endless.

How Long Does it Take?

The time frame for a stop motion will vary depending on the complexity of the brief.  Once we have a finalised brief (which I am happy to work with you on) I can start creating the stop motion.  Simple stop motions (like the donuts and bagel stop motions above) can be finished in 2-3 weeks.  More complex stop motions can take a little longer.

How Much Does it Cost?

Again this will depend on the complexity of the brief.  Stop motion animations however are considerably less expensive than video production.  Since most stop motions are short (between 12-30 seconds) the price is more cost effective than you think!

What Next?

Get in touch or call on 07791 109049 and let’s talk through your brief!  If you don’t have a brief yet, don’t worry.  I have worked with business both large and small and have worked completely from scratch in creating stop motion animations.  I always try to work to your budget when possible and will always work to your brief to delivery exactly what you are looking for and helping you achieve your goals.

George is an absolute pleasure to work with and we have worked together on four shoots now. He has taken our brief on board, sourced models and executed photography to a high standard which really brings our products to life. If you have products which are in need of lifestyle shots, then I have no hesitation in recommending George
— James Ireland - Marketing Manager, Urbanz

Benefits of Stop Motion

Creatively Convey Messages

A stop motion animation can bring out the unique selling points of your product or service in fun and creative ways. 


A stop motion can be as long or as short as you want.  I can also take the same stop motion and give you different “cuts” for different lengths.

Because a stop motion animation is a series of photographs, you also have the added benefits of hundreds of high resolution stills that can be used alongside the stop motion for you advertising campaign.