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More detail about some of the work I have been commissioned for.

Vagisan Lactic Acid | Stop Motion Animation

Vagisan Lactic Acid Stop Motion Advert

I was recently contacted by Vagisan in Malaysia to create three separate stop motion animations that they could use as advertising. The stop motions were for the Lactic Acid, Moist Cream, and Protective Ointment. Because each one had their own unique properties and needs, I am going to write about each one individually. This one will focus on Lactic Acid as it was the one that required to most planning and preparation.

The Brief

Vagisan came to me with one of the most detailed briefs I have been fortunate to shoot to. They knew exactly what they wanted to say in the stop motion, and mostly how they wanted to say it. Below are the key points that needed to be taken into account for this stop motion.

  • Everything on a pink backgroun

  • Use a pink orchid as the vaginal area

  • Serious, but not corporate

  • Ensure that it’s clear it can be used whilst pregnant and whilst breast feeding

  • Show that it’s for protection against infection and NOT treatment of infection

  • Show that it can be used before bed

  • Show that it’s a pessarie

After thinking about all of this for a day or two, I went back to Vagisan with my idea. They loved the idea and the shoot was quickly agreed. The overall brief that was agreed upon is as follows:

Scene starts with a single orchid being attacked by “green infections”. Vagisan Lactic Acid comes in, goes into the orchid and dissolves. A “protective fence” protects the orchid from green infections again while a pregnant and a breastfeeding figure appear to show it can be used at this time. Scene ends with a shot of the box and orchid, then cuts to all of the Vagisan products

There was additional texts that were added to the animation, as you can see at the top of the page, but that was the basis of the animation that I worked to.

The Planning

Planning for this animation was a little more involved that others. I had quite a few props that needed to be made out of coloured card. I also had to plan on how I was going to show the pessarie dissolving in the orchid.

Here are some of the props that I created for the animation.


Germs and Cloud

Closeup detail of the green “germs” and a pink cloud where text appears


Fence Detail

Close-up detail of the white fence that protects the orchid


Uses Detail

Close-up detail of the pregnant and breastfeeding icons

Making the pessarie dissolve in the animation took a little time to think about. Vagisan wanted to try and show the creamy white that the pessarie dissolves into. But, after a few experiments with the pessaries and how to dissolved them manually we realised we had to make a choice. We could either show the creamy white liquid, or show the dissolving, but not both. It wasn’t going to be possible to show both due to having to dissolve the pessarie in warm water. Dissolving it in warm water meant that the white liquid stayed in the water I was using to dissolve. The alternative was to try and dissolved on a plate adding drops of hot water. This couldn’t be done on the orchid as it would have destroyed the look of the orchid.

In the end Vagisan decided that showing the dissolving was more important and that is what I did. This involved moving a single pessarie back and forth between warm water and the orchid… carefully to ensure no water dripping!

I also had to plan out the very last scene for consistency with the other two animations. This scene was going to be a part of all three animations and I had to think of a way to repeat this with the other products. This turned out to be rather simple in the end, but it was something that needed to be planned out before actually shooting.


This was one of the most fun, and most rewarding stop motions that I have created. I truly enjoyed the concept and creating the props that I needed for the finished animation.

Due to the nature of stop motion animation, Vagisan also have a huge range of still images that can also be used in advertising from this shoot. Nearly every scene has a still that stands on it’s own as an advertising image. Below are some of my personal favourites.



One of the most fun stop motions I have created. I loved the detail of the brief and the challenge that brief provided me. I love the way that it turned out and the client does as well. Win win!

As always, I love questions and / or comments… so feel free to fire away below.

Again, the stop motion is at the top of the page if you want to watch it again.

George Fairbairn