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George Fairbairn
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More detail about some of the work I have been commissioned for.

Hartley's Juicy Jelly Advertising Portrait


Hartley’s Juicy Jelly Advertising

I was recently commissioned by Hartley’s Jelly to create a lifestyle advertising image for their new Juicy Jelly pouches. The key selling point for the Juicy Jelly pouches is that they are the perfect lunch box addition for kids. Hartley’s wanted something that showed this, whilst showing someone that loves jelly enjoying it.

The Brief

  • Lifestyle Image

  • Jelly pouch being used and front clearly visible

  • Box of Juicy Jelly Pouches in shot

  • Packed lunch box with healthy lunch in shot

Shooting this image was really simple once we had the composition of the image worked out. I needed to ensure that the front of the jelly pouch was clearly visible, whilst getting a good and natural pose and expression from our model. Our model was a natural and it only took 4 or 5 shots before we got “the” shot.

The Image

George Fairbairn