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More detail about some of the work I have been commissioned for.

Kohinoor Joy | Advertising Portrait Photography


Advertising Portraits for Kohinoor Joy

Towards the end of 2018, I was commissioned by creative agency Thump to shoot expressive and characterful portraits for an advertising campaign for Kohinoor Joy. The purpose of the shoot was to capture expressive portraits that showed a reaction to eating amazing food that Kohinoor could use in advertising campaigns across social media and print. This was to coincide with Kohinoor having a wider range of products available in stores like Tesco.

The Brief

Being that Kohinoor wanted these images to show a reaction to eating amazing food, the brief was simple.

  • Head and shoulders portraits showing expression and character. The expressions should reflect a reaction to eating amazing food. These reactions could be pleasure, shock, joy, and happiness

  • Portraits should be taken on a variety of coloured backgrounds that can coincide with the packaging of the various products they would be used with

  • Portraits should be on a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and gender.

That was, in essence, the extent of the brief. It was short, but it was also fairly specific as both Kohinoor and Thump had a good idea of exactly what they wanted to images to look like. We had a couple of meetings before the shoot working through background colours for specific models, which product(s) each model would be representing, and what reaction we wanted to achieve from each model.

The Results

Normally here I would talk about the shoot and show you the resulting images. But, for commissions like this I want to show you the finished product and then show you the images as they were taken. The tear sheets from this shoot look amazing, and they put the images into context.

Here are some of my favourite tear sheets from this campaign.

As you can see, the expressions for each product coincide with each strapline. We had a clear plan for each model on the day of the shoot, which made the process much easier and flow much more smoothly. If a model nailed the shot straight away, we would go through some of the others reactions that were required for different products. This was to allow for some flexibility on the design for Thump when creating the ads themselves.

The Shoot

Because of all the pre-planning we had done for this shoot, the shoot went like a well oiled machine. We had a timeline setup and had the models arriving in an order that coincided with the background colour that they were going to be photographed against. This allowed for minimal changing of the background setup and let everything flow smoothly.

Below are the images as I shot and edited them for the above tear sheets. You will notice that some were given a slight colour treatment for the ads themselves, and some where flipped for the ad.


This was one of the most fun shoots that I have done in a long time. We had food “props” to help us achieve the reactions we were looking for, should they be needed. Honestly, we didn’t need the “props” very often. But, they got eaten anyways!

It’s been great seeing these ads pop up in different places. The portraits on their own, in my opinion, look great. But seeing them in context really makes them look great.

If you have any questions about the process, the campaign, or in general, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to talk about how I can help you with your next advertising campaign, please get in touch.