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George Fairbairn
Photography, Social Media Content, and Stop Motion


More detail about some of the work I have been commissioned for.

Custom Christmas Stop Motion Animations

Stop Motion Videos for Merry Christmas Wishes

2018 saw me create a LOT of stop motion animations for a variety of customers for a variety of uses. Most of the stop motion videos that I created were to showcase a product, how to use a product, or just to show a situation. Towards the end of 2018 though, I was asked by a creative agency to create three different stop motions that could be customised for their clients.

The idea behind these was quite simple and would allows them to be easily (relatively speaking) to customise for different customers. What we decided on was to have a rotating screen at the end of the animations that would be blank. The agency put together a .PNG template that could be customised for different customers and then placed onto the black screen. The various customers would then be able to use the video to send out to their mailing lists to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in a unique and eye catching way.

The Stop Motions:

What We Did:

Creating these stop motions was not as difficult as it looks. As always, the longest and most difficult part of this was the planning. We had to find the right pieces of Lego that we wanted to use and then we had to create and dress the scene that you see. Artificial snow from Amazon and some fairy lights from the local shop put together with out Lego created our winter scene. Timing, we wanted to make sure the stop motions were under 15 seconds so that they could also be used in Instagram stories. Keeping things this short also allowed us to extend the final frame(s) if we needed to make the video a little longer. What we didn’t want to do was have to slow down the animation after it was shot if we needed to extend the timeframe. Extending the final frames where there isn’t any movement makes it appear natural and intentional. Of all the custom versions of this that we made, we actually only were asked to extend the timing once.


This was a really fun project to work on. Creating and shooting two stop motions in one day was challenging. But, because we only changed one character it was very straightforward and painless. The end results look great and seeing them all with different customers logos on them was really cool.