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6 Awesome Benefits of Professional Product Photography

6 Benefits of Product Photography

As a business that sells products, your products are the backbone of your business. Whether you sell online or through retailers, selling your products is what makes your business work. Today consumers are bombarded with visuals, be it photos or videos, and they are increasingly ignoring visuals that don't grab their attention. As many as 67% of consumers consider image quality to be "very important" when they are making a purchasing decision. This article will give you 6 benefits to investing in quality product photography.

Cut Through the Noise

As I mentioned above, businesses need to "cut through the noise" in an increasingly visual based society. Everywhere you go, physically and online, we are inundated with visuals. Gone are the days where a nice photo on a white background will do the trick in helping a consumer notice your product. Today we are seeing a lot of success with bright imagery, or stop motion, or cinemagraphs. The key to all of these is that they stand out from everything else. They make the consumer stop and notice, and getting the consumer to stop and notice is half the battle.

Good, high quality, creative product photography is key to making your products stand out in the crowd.


Build Brand Identity

A strong brand identity will help consumers separate you from your competitors, project your values, and build your reputation. Having good, consistent branding goes a long way in establishing this identity. Unfortunately a lot of brands don't take this thinking into their product photography. These brands are missing out on a simple way to further establish their brand identity. High quality product photography that is consistent with your brand image will make the impact of your brand identity more powerful.

One area where we are starting to see brands take their product photography branding seriously is on Instagram. Brands that have an established brand image curate their Instagram posts so that it is visually appealing and consistent. When a consumer sees an image that fits within a brand, they will instantly know what brand that product belongs to without seeing any identifying markings, and that is powerful.


Make Your Brand More Visible - Search and Social

Consumers are 40x more likely to share content that features an image across their social media channels. The more your content is shared, the more likely you are to reach new consumers. The more impactful the image with your content is, the more likely the consumer is the share it. Creating shareable content starts with knowing and understanding your market. Not only creating images that are consistent with your brand, but also images that will resonate with your market in a way that makes them want to share it with their friends.

More and more consumers search for images on Google when searching for a product. Google knows this and has placed a huge emphasis on good imagery that has titles related to what the product is. Having an image that stands out from the crowd will get your products noticed when consumers are searching for a product like yours.


Build Trust

When consumers are shopping online, they only have your word and the images to tell them what exactly your product is. If your imagery is hiding something, or not telling the full story, you will lose the trust of your consumers. Use product photography as a way to answer the questions your consumers might have. What can I do with this? What features does it have? What are the benefits to it? What's in it? Your product photography can tell a story and answer the questions your consumer might not even know they have... and that builds their trust and will make them come back for more.


Increase Conversion

One of the primary purposes of your product photography is to converting customers and increasing sales. One of the challenges of shopping online is that a consumer cannot physically pick up and hold your product. They can't try it, or taste it, or feel it... so they have to rely on the visuals for this information. If your images can show the customer the benefits and reassure them that it is the product they are looking for, you will start converting customers. Use product photography to show prospective customers the benefits of your product.


Reach Mobile Audiences

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is no truer than image based platform Instagram. Instagram is all about images. What started out as a platform for sharing photos of your food and holiday and turned into a centerpiece for most brands online marketing strategy. People can shop directly on Instagram, as well as through Facebook ads and even on Twitter. Having quality imagery on any of these platforms gives you the opportunity of putting your products in front of your customer no matter where they are or what they are doing.


No matter the size of your business, high quality product photography is essential for business that want to sell products online or increase their brand awareness. Product photography is often far more cost effective that one might think, especially when you consider the potential return on investment and it's necessity.

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