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7 Ways Brands Can Use Stop Motion


Stop Motion Animation

I can’t think of a better way for brands to grab attention than with the use of stop motion animation.  It has numerous benefits that set it apart from standard video and photos.  Both video and photography serve a purpose and have their places, photography even more so due to it’s versatility in usage.  But, stop motion animation can set your brand apart and give you instant impact with your advertising.  I recently wrote a blog post dedicated to why brands should be using stop motion animation, particularly on social media. 

Now that you know why brands should be using stop motion, I am going to give you 7 different ways, or reasons, that you can use stop motion animation to push your branding and advertising.  So… let’s go!

7 Ways to Use Stop Motion Animation


1.  Holidays

It’s no secret that posting holiday specific content around that holiday will lead to increased reach and engagement.  But, it’s also easy to have that content get lost in a sea of noise about that holiday as well.  Having a stop motion animation will set you apart from the noise of other content.  People love holidays, and they love seeing creative content about those holidays.  Doing a simple stop motion wishing your audience a happy holiday will give your brand awareness without being pushy and trying to sell.  It really is a no brainer.  Below is a stop motion animation I created just to say Happy Halloween.  When I posted it originally on Halloween in 2017 it quickly became my most viewed stop motion animation on Instagram at the time.

2.  Celebrate a season

Besides holidays, people also love the changing seasons; well at least the people I know do.  People love the arrival of autumn and the changing colours and smells.  They love the arrival of winter as that means the holiday season is near.  People perk up when Spring arrives and then summer means sun and fun.  Every season is greeted with excitement when it comes, and you can easily tap into that feeling with a stop motion animation.  It could be a simple animation about the arrival of fall or autumn and the leaves falling.  Or flowers blooming for the arrival of spring.  It doesn’t have to feature your products or services, but it should definitely be on brand.  Below is a stop motion I created just before Christmas to tap into the excitement of winter and the coming of Christmas.

3.   Share a recipe

Nothing lends itself better to sharing and showing a recipe more than a stop motion animation.  You can show all the products and procedures that go into a recipe in a fun, creative, and visualising way.  The benefit of showing a recipe as a stop motion is that it can be short, eye catching, and informative.  Below is a stop motion that I created for Dream to show a recipe for creating a smoothie with their Rice Dream “milk”.  It’s short at 30 seconds long and it shows the entire process and ingredients that go into creating a tasty smoothie with Rice Dream.  On Instagram this stop motion had huge engagement.  It was commented on more than any other post on Dreams profile and it was shared widely on all social media platforms.

4.  Showcase different products

This is the most obvious way to use stop motion on this list.  If your brand sells a product, you can easily use an animation to showcase it.  Show what it does, how it can benefit the consumer or just get creative and show something unique about the product.  Below is a stop motion I created for Moju energy shots.  The difference with this product is that it contains habanero peppers, which is pretty unique for an energy shot (and definitely gets you moving!).  We wanted to show that it contains habanero, make it the star of the show, and do it in a creative, eye catching, and fun way.

George Fairbairn