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2018 Fairbairn Family Portrait


Near the end of the every year, I take a portrait of my family. This probably is something that a lot of families do, but I like to think that our's are a little different than that. First you have the fact that not only am I a father and husband, but also a photographer. This means that I put a little more time and effort into the annual family portrait than most. Couple that with my wife being in marketing and we don't do "normal" family portraits.  They started with different themes for the photos. The first one was an idea that my wife had and we made a reality. The second and third year portraits were focused on themes based around Christmas. Then we started making them about what was going on in our life that year and have done this every year since. One thing that I started doing a few years ago with this is putting the previous years portrait on the wall in the photo to create what I like to call a photoception.

So the theme for this year might not be obvious to everyone, but for us it sums up 2018 perfectly. In 2017 I started running in the morning, but in 2018 I kicked that up a notch and ran 3-4 mornings a week at 5am...I am dedicated! My wife became a Cub leader. My son keeps being awesome, but in 2018 he started getting into skateboarding, even more so since this portrait as well. My daughter is obsessed with playing with toy food. She is constantly making us ice creams and cooking us food. So all of that went into this years portrait. With the exception of a couple of years, all the portraits have been centred around a sofa, and I wanted to keep that going in this...hence my son and daughter standing on the back of the sofa, though this isn't all that surprising either.

Anyways, here is the 2018 Fairbairn Family Portrait.


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